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Buy now and pay later


Buy now and pay later

And still earn Miles, Points or Cash Back

Convert your transactions at selected merchants into an instalment plan.

Get What You Love Now

Stretch your dollar to pursue your desired lifestyle

Pay In Equal Instalments

Enjoy flexible payments at our selected merchants.

Earn Rewards

Be rewarded as you spend.

How to convert your transactions into an Instalment Payment Plan*

Perform transactions at selected merchants using your Citi Credit Card.
If eligible, you will receive an SMS sent to your mobile number registered with Citi
Click on the offer link within the SMS. Please note that the offer has a limited validity period as indicated within the message.
On the offer page, select the repayment plan. Click on "View repayment schedule" to view the monthly payable amount.
Review the terms and conditions and click on ''Confirm and convert now" to proceed.


*The Instalment Payment Plan ("IPP") is solely offered and sponsored by Citi. Where Citi invites you to participate in the IPP in respect of a transaction at any particular merchant, such merchant has no agreement or affiliation with, and has not authorized or endorsed, Citi in relation to IPP. All queries relating to IPP should be directed to Citi.

*The instalments from the Instalment Payment Plan are billed to the Citibank credit card account monthly similar to a normal retail purchase and are subject to usual fees, interests and charges if you pay/ had paid less than the current balance indicated on your current or previous monthly statements of account on or before the payment due date.

*The Instalment Payment Plan ("IPP") is applicable for certain merchants on an invitation only basis (eligible customer will receive an SMS from the bank offering to convert the transaction into instalment plan). Citi is not obliged to offer the IPP to any cardmember and may offer it on any channel or such period as it deems fit.

*T&Cs apply

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  • Is it troublesome when managing my bills with the Instalment Payment Plan?

    No, it is not troublesome. The Instalment Payment Plan transactions are shown on your monthly Citi Credit Card statement of account together with other credit card transactions. It will specify under Citi PayLite, instalment amount due, and the number of payment instalments to pay off the total amount under the Instalment Payment Plan.

  • Do I still earn miles or points if I pay through the Instalment Payment Plan?

    Yes. You will continue to earn miles or points if you convert your purchase into an Instalment Payment Plan.

  • How do I convert my purchases from the selected merchants into an Instalment Payment Plan?

    You may refer to the step by step instructions here

  • How do I cancel the Instalment Payment Plan?

    You can call our Citiphone hotline for the cancellation. This will take a minimum of 3 working days for the Instalment Payment Plan cancellation to take effect. The full outstanding account will be reflected in your subsequent monthly Citibank credit card statement of account. You will be required to settle the amount in full by the payment due date, failing which you will be charged with the relevant late and interest charges in connection with the late repayment of your outstanding owed on your credit card account(s).

  • Will there be any interest or fee charge for converting my purchase to Instalment Payment Plan?

    There are no additional fees and charges for this IPP, ONLY if we receive (or had received) payment in full of the current balance stated on your monthly statement of account by the payment due date every month until you have paid all installments.

    However, if we did not receive the full payment of the current balance as indicated in your previous monthly statement of account, the billed monthly installment due in current statement, and any unpaid portion of any previous monthly installment(s) in your current statement of account is subject to daily interest at (i) S$3.00 per month, or (ii) the Retail Interest Rate as set out in the statement of account, whichever is greater. This daily interest on the IPP will be charged from one day after statement date till:

    a) one day before the payment date of the IPP, if you pay the full current balance on or before the payment due date OR
    b) till the date you pay the full current balance after the payment due date.

    In addition, if we do not receive the full payment of the minimum amount due by the payment due date, you must also pay a monthly late payment charge at a rate(s) determined by us and notified to you from time to time. The above is subject to the terms of our Citi Cardmember's Agreement governing your Citi Credit Card account.

  • Click here to view the Instalment Payment Plan Terms and Conditions