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22 May 23. 5 min read

Smarter Ways to Use Your Bonus as a Parent

As a parent, spending your bonus on accomplishing long-term goals may greatly improve your family’s future health and happiness. We provide some suggestions on how to prioritise your bonus to achieve this.

22 May 23. 4 min read

Jet Set with Citi Over the Long Weekend

#WhereToNextWithCiti? Plan your next trip out of Singapore and get the best travel deals from Citi with a Citi credit card.

22 May 23. 4 min read

Kid-Friendly Restaurants and Cafes to Explore before June

Take your children to these kid-friendly restaurants and cafes in Singapore for a good meal and family time together.

18 May 23. 5 min read

How to invest in a safe and sound way in the second quarter of 2023

With market volatility in the second half of 2023, one way to invest with greater peace of mind is to think of the risk of an investment and compare it to the potential return. Find out how.

10 May 23. 3 min read

Treats for Mummy (and Me!)

Celebrate Mother’s Day by pampering mum with a well-deserved treat with Citi.

28 Apr 23. 6 min read

A Beginner’s Guide to Fixed Deposits in Singapore

What are fixed deposits in Singapore and how do they fit into your overall finances? In this article, we examine the essentials of fixed deposits and what they mean for you as a consumer.

28 Apr 23. 4 min read

Tried And Tested Tips to Achieve Financial Security

How will you save enough to achieve your long-term financial goals? Learn how by following these trusted tips and strategies on saving, budgeting, and banking your way to financial freedom.

28 Apr 23. 5 min read

How to Invest with Confidence During a Recession

Should you be investing in a recession? Learn how to manage your risks and make the best investments during a financial crisis with recession proof investments.

12 Apr 23. 4 min read

Travelling Soon? Here's how you can keep your cards safe

Here are a few simple steps that you can take to keep your cards safe on your next travels.

12 Apr 23. 3 min read

Never be Late for Your Bill Payment Again

Have too many bills to pay, but too little time? Find out how a bill payment service like Citi PayAll can offer convenience and even rewards.

12 Apr 23. 4 min read

5 Restaurants to Try for Your Next Date Night

Check out these restaurants in Singapore with good food and great ambience for your next date night.

12 Apr 23. 6 min read

Wealth creation and wealth protection: Why investors need to successfully tackle both challenges

Wealth creation requires risk-taking, while wealth preservation requires prudence. Learn how to perform this balancing act through the various stages of your life.

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