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Citi Interest Booster Account

The easiest way to earn bonus interest on your savings.

Get up to 2.8%* p.a. interest when you spend, invest, insure, take out a home loan or even because your birthday is near!

Up to 2.8%* p.a. interest on your savings with the Citi Interest Booster account.

Start with 0.3% p.a. base interest. *T&Cs apply.


Save and earn

Save and earn

0.2% p.a.

Increase your balance by S$1,500 or more and be rewarded with 0.2% p.a. interest on incremental savings.


Invest and earn

0.6% p.a.

Make 3 investments of S$1,000 or more and get yourself additional 0.6% p.a. interest on your savings.


Insure and earn

0.6% p.a.

Protect your financial future with a bonus 0.6%. p.a. interest on your savings with a policy of minimum S$5,000 regular premium.


Spend and earn

0.2% p.a.

Treat yourself to 0.2% p.a. bonus interest when you spend at least S$500 monthly or more on eligible retail spend with your Citibank Debit Mastercard® and/or Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard® Credit Card.


Borrow and earn

0.8% p.a.

Take up a home loan of S$500,000 or more with Citi to unlock a sweet bonus of 0.8% p.a. interest on your savings.


Celebrate and earn

0.1% p.a.

Celebrate your birthday with an extra 0.1% p.a. birthday bonus interest, just for being you.

Interest booster

Citi Interest Booster Account

Easily track interest earnings over time on the app. Know how much bonus interest you can earn and track your progress.​

Calculate your bonus interest

Discover how much bonus interest you could be earning!

Account Average Daily Balance (S$)
Base Interest Rate* (p.a.)0.30%
Base Interest in a YearS$ 150.00
Bonus Interest (Rate p.a./In a Year S$)

Eligible monthly spend on Citibank Debit Mastercard® and/or Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard® Credit Card

0.20% / S$ 100.00
S$ 500

Eligible investment transactions per month
(Min. S$1,000 Investment Funds, S$1,000 FX or S$5,000 Stocks Purchase)

0.60% / S$ 300.00

New regular premium insurance
(Annual premium amount)

0.60% / S$ 300.00
S$ 5,000

New home loan amount

0.80% / S$ 400.00
S$ 500,000

Incremental monthly savings amount

0.20% / S$ 3.00
S$ 1,500

Birthday month bonus

0.10% / S$ 4.17

Total interest in a year: S$ 1,257.17

*0.30% p.a. Base interest is applicable to the first S$50,000 balance (valid till 31 December 2023) and 0.01% p.a. Base Interest is applicable to balances above S$50,000 in the Citi Interest Booster Account.

Offers for Citi Plus customers

Get up to S$656* welcome rewards

Get up to S$656* welcome rewards

Join Citi Plus online and deposit at least S$15,000, hold a valid primary Citi Credit Card by end of 2nd calendar month from account opening, and fulfil the other criteria to stack your rewards.

See how you can get up to
S$656* rewards in a year. *T&Cs apply.

Get up to 2% cashback

Get up to 2% cashback

with Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard® Credit Card if you are a Citi Plus customer and primary account holder of a Citi Interest Booster Account. T&Cs apply.

Commission-free buy trades for new brokerage accounts

Commission-free buy trades for new brokerage accounts

Enjoy 6-month commission-free buy trades online for U.S. and Hong Kong markets when you open a new Citibank Brokerage account. T&Cs apply

Enjoy 0.05%* p.a. off your mortgage variable rates for the first two years

Enjoy 0.05%* p.a. off your mortgage variable rates for the first two years

*Take up a Citi home loan in relation to completed residential property with a minimum loan amount of S$800,000. All loan applications are subject to the bank’s review. T&Cs apply.
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Things You Should Know Before You Apply for Citi Plus

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Documents Required

Important Notice

Important information on the use of Citibank Singapore Global Consumer Banking Terms and Conditions and Customer Confirmation and Declaration

By signing up with Citi Plus, I understand that my banking needs will be managed digitally.


*Click here to view Citi Interest Booster Account Terms and Conditions.

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Deposit Insurance Scheme

Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$75,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured. For more information, please visit

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